F-4014 Series Diaphragm Amplifier

  • Fast Response
  • Snap-Action
  • Miniature Size
Air Logic Pneumatic Components and Systems F-4014 Series Diaphragm Amplifier details.

The F-4014-Series Diaphragm Amplifier is a miniature interface device that performs the same function as a piloted three-way valve, but at low outlet flow rates. Pneumatic signals of several inches of water gauge applied to the input will control the output pressure up to 35 PSI in both digital and analog systems.

Diaphragm Amplifiers are very suitable for providing pneumatic signals to air-piloted valves and for powering small cylinders. They are also used at fluidic signal levels for providing isolation and in timing circuits.

Input Leakage @ 1 PSI: Less than 0.003 SCFM
Maximum Input Pressure: 5 PSI
Maximum Supply Pressure:
F-4014-123 and F-4014-128: 35 PSI
F-4014-161, F-4014-163, and F-4014-168: 25 PSI
Operating Temperature: 40 degrees to 120 degrees F. (4 degrees to 49 degrees C.)
Recommended Filtration: 10 micron
Supply Flow: See Typical Supply Characteristics

Housing: Polysulfone
Diaphragm: Polyurethane
Spring: Beryllium Copper

Port Connections

Straight ports for 1/16" I.D. tubing


Panel Mount: Two No. 6 screws are provided