Orifice restrictors for static flow control. Needle valves for adjustable flow control. Directional flow controls for special applications! barbed fittings. Orifice inserts.

Flow Controls

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Static and swivel fittings from Air Logic. Polysulfone, polypropylene, and nylon barbed fittings.

Tube Fittings

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Small plastic relief valves for sensitive applications with barbed fittings.

Relief Valves

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Configurable Plastic Regulators. Relieving and non-relieving options. 10psi, 30psi, 60psi, and 100psi adjustment ranges


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Pressure and vacuum switches. 0 to 100psi, a range of electrical options, preset or adjustable.


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Custom Products

  • Orifice Sizing Fitting Sizing Fitting Sizing Dark Orifice Sizing
    Different colored orifice fittings with a black background. color represents the orifice size and flow rating.

    Orifice Sizing

    Standard orifice sizes don’t always address the needs of every application. We can provide all the benefits of a molded orifice in custom sizes.

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  • Orifice Sizing Fitting Sizing Fitting Sizing Dark Fitting Sizing
    A range of plastic barbed fittings. Air Logic can customize barb geometry for customer needs.

    Fitting Sizing

    Barbed connections are a clean, time tested and cost-efficient method of connection. Check out if this is the solution for you!

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  • Factory Presets Factory Presets Hover Factory Presets Dark Factory Presets
    Test Gauge PSI Measurement Scale showing Air Logic's presetting service for pressure switches.

    Factory Presets

    As the name implies, factory preset switches, regulators, and check valves have been preset and tested in the factory before distribution. This can facilitate your needed flow rates, lower installation time, or be adjusted after assembly.

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  • Product Combinations Product Combinations Hover Product Combinations Dark Product Combinations
    Custom assembly of a filter, check valve and plastic fitting.

    Product Combinations

    At Air Logic, we offer numerous product combinations that combine two or more Air Logic parts under a custom product number.

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  • Plastic Materials Plastic Materials Hover Plastic Materials Dark Custom Molding & Plastic Materials
    Plastic raw material in granules against the background of Chemical Laboratory and reagents. Polypropylene, Ethylene, Polypropylene research in laboratory conditions

    Custom Molding & Plastic Materials

    We have a range of plastic materials, molding equipment and tool room capabilities to tackle custom applications.

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About Us

We specialize in small mechanical fluid control products. Our expertise lies in molding microscopic geometries, particularly in the areas of orifice restrictors, check valves, filters, and ultrasonic welding geometries. As a vertically integrated business, we have all the necessary expertise in-house, enabling us to develop, produce, and maintain the performance of mechanical fluid control products to the highest standard. Browse our products to see how we can help you with your fluid control needs, or reach out and we can discuss a customized solution.

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