Orifices control the flow of gas, air, and liquid through a variety of systems, from Ventilators to Coffee Makers. They are available in a wide range of diameters, materials, and configurations to meet the particular needs of various liquid and airflow control applications.

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What are Orifices and Why Use Them?

Orifices, also known as flow restrictors or orifice restrictors, or fixed volumetric flow control, control the flow of gases or fluids through a system. The diameter of these devices maintains a constant flow rate through the system in which it is installed. The placement and size of an orifice determine its particular use, but they are most commonly used to restrict material flow and monitor and control flow rates in industries ranging from aerospace to medical.

The Importance of Flow Control

Flow control is critical for the safe and efficient operation of industrial and manufacturing equipment in various industries. Pneumatic and hydraulic systems in particular use orifices to ensure optimal pressure control and flow without the need for manual regulation and recalibration. By determining the correct diameter and shape of your orifice, they can carefully monitor and control system flow rates and gauge flow stream additives to ensure outputs are consistent, precise, and predictable.


Get the Best Orifice for Your Flow Control Needs

To ensure optimal flow regulation for your operation, Air Logic offers a variety of flow control solutions. Our extensive selection of flow orifices includes a range of designs, sizes, and materials.



Orifice Types

Our comprehensive portfolio of orifices includes molded, filtered, and threaded orifices, as well as a selection of directional flow control valves.

molded orificesMolded Orifices

As Air Logic’s most popular design, molded orifices offer the simplest method of flow control. Each orifice is easily identifiable, with color-coded diameter sizes for optimal flow restriction. Our molded orifices are precision molded, assembled, and tested in the US. They are available in polysulfone, polypropylene, and polycarbonate materials, and can be customized to meet your particular application requirements.


filtered-orificesFiltered Orifices

Our filtered orifices incorporate an integrated filter into precision-molded orifices to reduce upstream contamination in a variety of applications. Our filtered orifices are comprised of polysulfone Housing and orifice with a Stainless Steel Mesh filter with a variety of customization options.


threaded orificesThreaded Orifices

For ease of installation, Air Logic’s threaded orifices are second to none in the industry. With an incorporated threaded fitting, you can install the orifice directly into the pipeline for a simple and secure flow control method. Our threaded orifices are available in polysulfone materials and can be customized to your needs.


directional flow control valvesDirectional Flow Controls

Directional flow control valves use orifice technology to control flow in one direction and provide full flow in the opposite direction. The orifice acts as the only path for material flow. The directional flow controls automatically move depending on the direction of the flow. In one direction, the flow will push the disk into an unrestricted position. In the opposite direction, the disk will move and force the flow through an orifice. Our directional flow orifices are available in nylon, polysulfone, silicone, and stainless steel.


Material Selection

It is important to consider which material is best for your application. Since orifices are installed in many different applications, chemical compatibility and temperature resistance are critical. For this reason, Air Logic typically uses polysulfone or polypropylene polymers.

Both polysulfone and polypropylene are valued for their chemical resistance and exceptional stability under pressure and high temperatures. They do not oxidize or rust, which makes them especially useful for pneumatic equipment. With exceptional chemical resistance, polysulfone and polypropylene orifices are more durable and longer-lasting than other materials. Less wear and corrosion means fewer part replacements and equipment failures, which greatly reduces your maintenance and repair costs.


Custom Orifice Sizing

Orifice Sizing Examples

At Air Logic, we understand that standard orifice sizes are not always the best option for every application. That’s why we offer molded orifices in custom sizes. Using quality mated molds, we can manufacture quality custom orifices to meet your exact flow control needs.

Our custom orifice sizing abilities include:

  • Molded nominal orifice diameter sizes from 0.004″ to .040″
  • EAU 10,000+
  • Cv range from 0.00038 to 0.04
  • Standard flow tolerance range of +/- 4%”
  • sLPM range from 120 to 12,500 (ref @ 9 psi)

Contact Our Experts for Premium Flow Control Solutions

Since 1975, Air Logic has provided innovative flow control products for customers around the world. In addition to our extensive selection of orifices, we specialize in the development and manufacture of filters, check valves, relief valves, switches, and fittings for a variety of pneumatic and fluid control applications.

To learn more about our quality flow control orifices and restrictors, contact our experts today or request a quote.

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