The Air Logic Division of Knapp Mfg., Inc. was created in 1975 when the Air Logic product line was purchased from Johnson Controls. Before the purchase, the Knapp family business had been a key supplier of Air Logic molded components.

Air Logic Overview

Air Logic’s parent company was started by Fred Knapp, a metal engraver with decades of experience who decided to open a shop in his basement back in 1935. Joined by his three sons, they launched the Fred Knapp Engraving Co. in 1945, specializing in steel marking stamps, engraved signs, and dials.

The company quickly expanded and diversified, in 1955 the business moved to its current location and added tooling and injection molding services to their engraving capabilities. Injection molding of small components with precision orifices eventually became a core competency at the business. In 1975, Knapp acquired the Fluidic Division of Johnson Controls in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which became known as Air Logic.

Air Logic continues to focus on innovation, quality, and creating excellence for our clients. We have achieved this goal through advanced manufacturing methods and a dedicated team of people. We prioritize our company’s focus on superior customer service and immediate, on-time delivery of products to drive our success long into the future.

Our History

Air Logic History


Fred Knapp started working in his basement workshop, creating fine examples of precision metal engraving.


Fred and his three sons founded the company as Fred Knapp Engraving Co.


First addition to the shop, allowing the business to expand its capabilities to include tooling and precision injection molding.


Knapp purchased Air Logic Division from Johnson Controls, creating additional areas of expansion for the business.


Three long-time employees, Jay Haertel, John Boticki, and David Horvath purchased the company from Knapp Family. There have been 12 expansions to the original building to accommodate continuous growth.


The company changed its name from Fred Knapp Engraving Co. to Knapp Mfg., Inc.

Our Culture

Air Logic is focused on creating and nurturing a team that strives for dignity, respect, and trust across our operation.

Part of this commitment means providing everyone with a sense of purpose and ensuring that they understand their value within the company. We strive to encourage every member of the Air Logic family to reach for and achieve their full potential through development opportunities and encouragement from leadership and coworkers.

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Our Core Values

At Knapp, we believe in three interconnected values that drive our daily operation and define our interactions among team members, customers, vendors, and our community:

  • Dignity. At Air Logic, we preserve the dignity in one another by committing to providing everyone with a sense of purpose and value.
  • Respect. We respect every member of our team, involving and encouraging team members to reach their full potential, facilitating self-respect and personal integrity.
  • Trust. At the basis of integrity within our company is trust, a characteristic that constructs and upholds dignity, respect, and loyalty in our workplace.

Our Quality

Air Logic is dedicated to Quality and we are committed to excellence in all that we do.

We have been in business for over 45 years and have built Quality into every level of our business. We engage employees through Monthly Quality training, Layered Process Audits, and Morning review meetings. The Marketing, Design, Automation, Quality, and Operational teams are aligned to deliver quality products that meet or exceed performance characteristics our customers expect. Management reviews key metrics and customer survey results that monitor the business’s Quality output. Each element of our business ensures that Air Logic delivers Quality throughout our customer’s experience.

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