Modular Dovetail Accessories

  • Unique Design Allows for Use Individually or Assembled
  • Sealed with a Buna N O-Ring
  • Blank Dovetail Slides Used When Porting is Not Desired
  • Allows Various Combinations of Regulators and Manifold Blocks to be Assembled

Modular Dovetail Accessories sell sheet

Air Logic Modular Dovetail Accessories
  • The Modular Dovetail Accessories are designed for the Adjustable Pressure Regulator, the Preset Pressure Regulator, the Manifold Mounted Pressure Regulator, and the Modular Manifold System.
  • The Unique Modular Dovetail design allows the regulator or the manifold to be used individually or assembled into a modular combination of Pneumatic Components.
  • The Modular Dovetail Slides are sealed with a Buna N o-ring to prevent leaking. The dovetail slides are locked in place by the bottom hex cover.
  • The Blank Dovetail Slides are used when porting is not desired. Four blank dovetail slides are standard on the manifold regulator. The supply side is marked IN and the output side is marked OUT.
  • The Dovetail Union and Connector allow various combinations of regulators and manifold blocks to be assembled together.
  • The Union Dovetail contains a thru-hole joining two units together with a common air supply.
  • The Connecting Dovetail contains no thru hole but joins two units together with no common air supply.
  • The 10-32 UNF Threaded Dovetail Slides have an IN and an OUT.
  • The 1/8-27 NPT Threaded Dovetail Slides have an IN, OUT, and a GAUGE Port. The 1/8" NPT port contains a brass hoop ring insert designed for added strength.
  • The 1/4-18 NPT Threaded Dovetail Slides have an IN, OUT, and GAUGE Port. The 1/4" NPT ports contain a brass hoop ring insert designed for added strength.
  • The Manifold Top Cover is available with blank port, 10-32 UNF, 1/8-27 NPT, and 1/4-18 NPT.
  • The Manifold Mounting Base Plate is designed for testing and evaluating the manifold mounted precision regulator. The mounting base has 10-32 UNF threaded input and output ports. Part Number 7-MMB
  • The Modular Dovetail Wall Mount Bracket is available for wall or cabinet mounting.
  • The Subminiature Pressure Gauges are available with a miniature 7/8" and 1/8" NPT back mount.
  • The Subminiature Pressure Switches and Vacuum Switches are available with a 1/8"NPT pipe thread mount. The accessories are designed for the 1/8" NPT Threaded Dovetail Slide