F-2804-404 Series Preset Flow Control

  • Miniature Size
  • Precision Molded Orifice
  • Minimal Cracking Pressure
  • Low Cost

F-2804 Series sell Sheet

Air Logic F-2804-404 Series Preset Flow Control

The Preset Flow Control maintains a constant flow in one direction and full flow in the opposite direction. The operation of the Flow Control is based on the movement of a small disc; the disc shifts within the housing as the pressure differential changes from forward to reverse. An orifice restrictor is encased in the center of the disc. A flat surface on one side of the disc seals and permits flow through the orifice.

The amount of flow permitted in the reverse direction, which is the sealing side, is determined by the orifice size. The amount of flow permitted in the forward direction is full flow.

Maximum Supply: 75 PSI
Operating Temperature: 40 degrees to 120 degrees F. (5 degrees to 48 degrees C.)
Recommended Filtration: 5 micron
Cracking Pressure: Less than 10" H2O

Diaphragm: Silicone 
Disc: Polysulfone 
Housing: Polysulfone (gray)
Orifice: Polysulfone

Port Connections

10-32 Female Threads: Supplied with a 10-32 UNF male threaded Nipple 
B80: Barbs for 1/16" I.D. tubing
B85: Barbs for 1/8" I.D. tubing
B86: Barbs for .170" I.D. tubing


Inline installation or 10-32 UNF female threads