V-5500 Series Solid State Vacuum Switch

  • Low Cost
  • Subminiature Size
  • Low Differential
  • Solid State Switch
  • Fast Response

V-5500 Series Solid State Vacuum Switch

Air Logic V-5500 Series Solid State Vacuum Switch

The V-5500 Series Solid State Vacuum Switch is a direct interface with solid state circuits. The switch is adjustable from 1 to 28" Hg. with a maximum signal pressure of 29.9" Hg.

The solid state switch combines precision mechanical switch operating convenience with solid state reliability; it uses the Hall Sensor. An integrated circuit, actuated by a magnet located in the operating plunger, produces a digital output. The digital logic-level output eliminates the need for conditioning circuitry to obtain square wave output. There are no contacts. Supply voltage is 4.5 - 24 VDC. A terminal housing can be provided for use with AMP 102241-1 terminals.

Four mounting styles are available: Flush Mount, Manifold Mount, Panel Mount, and Pipe Thread Mount. The Flush Mount has .125" diameter mounting holes for mounting on a flat surface. The Manifold Mount is designed to mount directly on pneumatic circuit boards or manifold subplates; a Buna-N o-ring is supplied. The Panel Mount has a unique thread that goes from 1/8-27 tapered pipe thread to 1/8-27 straight pipe thread; a mounting nut is supplied. The Pipe Thread Mount has 1/8-27 tapered pipe threads.

Electrical Specifications

Switch Action: Solid State Hall Sensor
Electrical Rating: 4.5 - 24 VDC
Electrical Switch: UL Approved, (UL# E53576-Volume 2, Section 2)
Electrical Connections: AMP 110224-1 terminal

Mechanical Specifications

Operating Speed: Activate or release in 25 milliseconds
Signal Pressure: 29.9" Hg
Adjustment Range: 1 to 28" Hg
Temperature Limits: 40 degrees to 120 degrees F. (4 degrees to 49 degrees C.)

Housing: Polysulfone
Diaphragm: Polyurethane
Spring: Stainless Steel or Music Wire

Port Connections

10-32 female threads, furnished with barbed fitting:

B80: 10-32 UNF Barbed Fitting for 1/16" I.D. tubing
B85: 10-32 UNF Barbed Fitting for 1/8" I.D. tubing
B86: 10-32 UNF Barbed Fitting for .170" I.D. tubing

Accessory Connections

5500-PC Solid State Wire Harness (AMP Wire Connector #102241-1)


Flush Mount: .125" diameter mounting hole; use No. 4 self-tapping or 5-40 screw
Manifold Mount: Two .125" diameter mounting holes; use No. 4 self-tapping or 5-40 screw (A Buna-N o-ring is supplied)
Panel Mount: External 1/8-27 NPT to 1/8-27 NPS, internal threads are 10-32 UNF. 7/16" diameter mounting hole is required. (A mounting nut is supplied)
Pipe Thread Mount: 1/8-27 male tapered pipe threads, internal threads are 10-32 UNF