R-6000, PR-6000 Series Manifold Mounted Pressure Regulator

  • Manifold Mount
  • Modular Dovetail Design
  • Excellent Repeatability
Air Logic R-6000, PR-6000 Series Manifold Mounted Pressure Regulator

The Manifold Mounted Precision Pressure Regulator are designed to mount directly on pneumatic circuit boards or manifold subplates. The port connections for the supply and output are located on the base of the manifold mounted series regulator. Two recessed Buna-N o-rings are supplied for sealing the regulator to the manifold.

The Manifold Mounted Regulators are available in two models: The Adjustable Precision Regulator has a 20-turn adjustment range from .5 to 100 PSI. Maximum supply is 150 PSI. Four adjustment range are available: 10 PSI, 30 PSI, 60 PSI and 100 PSI.

The Adjustable Regulator is furnished with an adjustment knob and is also available with an extended 1/4" shaft to accept an adjusting knob or furnished with an exposed screwdriver adjustment by which the pressure range can be adjusted.

The Preset Precision Pressure Regulator is designed to produce a precise output pressure that is preset at the factory, 0.5 to 40 PSI using a 100 PSI supply. The preset regulator is available with a recessed allen wrench adjustment or a removable adjustment knob.

The Unique Modular Dovetail design allows the regulator to be used individually or assembled into a modular combination of pneumatic components.

The Dovetail Threaded Port is available with 10-32 UNF, 1/8-27 NPT or 1/4-18 NPT threads. The 1/8" and 1/4" NPT ports contain a brass hoop ring insert designed for added strength.

The Dovetail Connector and Union allow various combinations of pneumatic components to be joined together. The modular accessories include a pressure gauge and a modular system.

The Dovetail Gauge Port is available with 1/8-27 NPT or 1/4-18 NPT threads. The Dovetail Slide has the word GAUGE molded into the slide.

The Blank Dovetail Slides are supplied with the regulator when the accessory outputs are not in use. Four blank dovetail slides are standard on the regulator. The supply side is marked IN, and the output side is marked OUT.

Patent Numbers 5,217,260 & 5,261,477.

Adjustment Range:

  • Adjustment Model, 0.5 to 100 PSI
  • Preset Model, 0.5 to 40 PSI

Maximum Supply: 150 PSI
Operating Temperature: 40º to 150ºF (4º to 66ºC)
Recommended Filtration: 5 Micron
Effect of Supply Variation: Within .1 PSI output change with 10 PSI supply change
Flow Regulator: Maximum flow 5 SCFM with 100 PSI supply
Repeatability: Within .1 PSI when the supply pressure is turned off and on.
Drift: At 75ºF. 0.1 PSI total drift
Automatic Relief
Supply Consumption:
Within 400 cc/m at 100 PSI supply, with a deadend output

Housing: Glass filled Celcon
Adjustment Screw: Carbon Filled Nylon
Retaining Ring: Carbon Spring Steel
Stem Assembly: Celcon
Diaphragm: Buna N Polyurethane
Diaphragm Assembly: Celcon
Springs:  Stainless Steel, non-corrosive music wire coated with E coat Epoxy
O-Rings: Buna N Silicone Nitrite
Valve Seat: PVC
Filter: Stainless Steel 304, Micron size 380
Manifold Mount Screws: Zinc.

Port Connections

Input and Output Ports are located on the base of the Regulator.

Accessory Connections

Threaded Dovetail: A Modular Dovetail Slide with 10-32 UNF, 18-27 NPT, 1/4-18 NPT thread sizes. The 1/8" and 1/4" NPT contain a brass hoop ring insert. The 1/8" and 1/4" gauge port is available. During assembly, fittings should be finger tight plus one turn.
Union Dovetail:
A Modular Dovetail Slide with a thru hole joining two units together with a common air supply
Connecting Dovetail:
A Modular Connecting Dovetail Slide with no hole joining two units together with no common air supply.


Manifold Mounting: .115 diameter mounting holes, use 4-40 mounting screws.
Wall Mount: Modular Dovetail wall mount.
Mounting Base: An Air Logic manifold mounting base is available. 10-32 UNF threaded input and output ports.