V-4417-10 Vacuum Generator

  • Miniature Size
  • Low Cost
Air Logic Pneumatic Components and Systems V-4417-10 Vacuum Generator details.

The Vacuum Generator is designed to produce a low-flow vacuum using the venturi principle. The vacuum generator converts compressed air to a vacuum consuming 4.9 SCFH with a 13 PSI Supply.

When air is allowed to flow through the generator, the high velocity of the air passing through the center port draws a vacuum through the side ports. Two red vinyl caps are provided to cap the unused ouput port.

Air Consumption: 4.9 SCFH
Maximum Supply Pressure: 20 PSI
Operating Temperature: 0 degrees to 180 degrees F. (-18 degrees to 82 degrees C.)
Recommended Filtration: 5 micron
Vacuum Flow: 1 SCFH
Vacuum Range: 0" Hg to 15" Hg with a 13 PSI supply pressure

Housing: Polysulfone

Port Connections

Straight ports for 1/16" I.D. tubing