F-920 Inline Filter

  • Smallest Inline filter
  • Filter Media 316 Stainless Steel Filter screen
  • Straight Barbs fitting 1/16" I.D Tubing

F920 Inline Filter

Air Logic F-920 Inline Filter

The F920 Inline Filter eliminates contamination in a pneumatic system. The overall size of the filter has been minimized to fit into the smallest design envelope. The filters are precision molded of polysulfone material. The filter media is Dutch weave 316 Stainless Steel screen which is resistant to corrosion. The product has straight barb fitting for 1/16" I.D Tubing. 

Common applications include:

  • Disposable Devices
  • Miniature Devices
  • Medical Devices
  • Compact Filter
Barb Sizes: 1/16" I.D Tubing
Housing: Polysulfone
Filter Media: 316 Stainless Steel Filter Screen
Tube Retention Pressure Range: 10-30 PSI*
*Depending on tubing characteristics
Model Number
Filter Size (Microns)
Filter Material
Color Code
Light Blue
Port Connections
Straight Barbs

The filter table shows stock color and filter sizes. Custom filter size and types are available upon request.


Port Connections

Straight Barbs 1/16" I.D. tubing

F920 Filter

F920 1 piece

F920 In-Hand-Shot

F920 5um In hand


Solid Model Steps

  1. Download appropriate solid models and download the desired in and out ports
  2. Create new assembly
  3. Import the in port into the new assembly
  4. Import the outport(s) into assembly. Import once for each desired outport (ex. Import 3 times for 3 outports)
  5. Use mounting holes to constrain regulator ports
  6. Use bottom mounting surface to finish the constraint
  7. Repeat steps 3-5 for each additional port
  8. View the regulator from the top (knob is on the top of regulator)
  9. Review regulator selection guide and match the port selection to the model. Make sure to align the input port location.
  10. Save the assembly as the part number
  11. Optional: Combine model into a part
  12. Use solid model in customer assembly