F-4417 Series Sensor Venturi

  • Small Size
  • Low Cost
  • Definite "Off" Signal
Air Logic Pneumatic Components and Systems F-4417 Series Sensor Venturi details.

The Sensor Venturis are fluidic devices that convert flow changes through bleed-type fluidic sensors to on/off pressure signals.

The F-4417-10 and -15 Sensor Venturis are single units designed for two different supply pressure ranges. The Sensor Venturi allows a high velocity of air to pass through the center port drawing a vacuum through the two side output ports producing a definite off signal. For entirely free flow, the output level will be a vacuum, typically equal to 20% of the supply pressure. When sensor flow is obstructed completely, full supply pressure is diverted to the two side output ports. Two output ports are provided on each unit; cap the unused connection with a vinyl cap when required.

The F-4417-40 Sensor Venturi is a conveniently mounted composite of four Sensor Venturis with a single supply connection. The output state of each venturi shows on a black and white indicator. The multiple venturi can be panel mounted; holes are provided for #6 screws.

Maximum Supply Pressure:
F-4417-10 - 20 PSI
F-4417-15 - 3 PSI
F-4417-40 - 10 PSI
Recommended Filtration: 5 micron

Housing: Polysulfone
Indicator: Celcon
Spring: Stainless Steel

Port Connections

Straight ports for 1/16" I.D. tubing


Inline or Panel Mount