F-2913-80 Test Point Indicator

  • Miniature Size
  • Minimum Sensing Pressure
Air Logic Pneumatic Components and Systems F-2913-80 Test Point Indicator details.

The Test Point Indicator is a small, simple on-off indicator; it has a spring-loaded plunger which returns to normal regardless of the mounting position. Pressure as low as 4" water gauge will shift the plunger out. The indicator may be permanently installed in fluidic systems for observing logic sequencing in routine operating.

Actuating Pressure: 4" water gauge (0.14 PSI)
Leakage Flow: 0.006 SCFM maximum @ 4"
Maximum Supply Pressure: 3 PSI
Operating Temperature: 40 degrees to 150 degrees F. (4 degrees to 65 degrees C.)
Speed of Response: 25 Hz

Housing: Polysulfone
Plunger: Celcon
Spring: Stainless Steel