F-2804 Series Check Valves

  • Minimal Cracking Pressure
  • Miniature Size
  • Low Cost

F-2804 Series Check Valves

Air Logic F-2804 Series Check Valves

The Check Valves permit flow in one direction only; the operation of the check valve is based on the movement of a small disc within the housing. The disc shifts within the housing as the pressure differential changes from forward to reverse. A flat surface on one side of the disc seals off the flow, while the other side allows flow to pass.

Maximum Supply:
F-2804-400: 10 PSI
F-2804-401: 10 PSI
F-2804-402: 10 PSI
F-2804-403: 10 PSI
F-2804-404: 75 PSI

Operating Temperature: 40 degrees to 120 degrees F. (5 degrees to 48 degrees C.)

Recommended Filtration: 5 micron

Cracking Pressure:
F-2804-400: Less than .8" H2O
F-2804-401: Less than .8" H2O
F-2804-402: Less than .8" H2O
F-2804-403: Less than .8" H2O
F-2804-404: Less than 10" H2O

Housing: Polypropylene
Disc: Silicone

F-2804-401 and F-2804-402
Housing: Polysulfone
Disc: Celcon

Housing: Polysulfone
Disc: Silicone

Housing: Polysulfone
Disc: Polysulfone
Diaphragm: Silicone

Port Connections

Straight ports for 1/16" I.D. tubing
10-32 UNF female threads (F-2804-404)
B80: Barbs for 1/16" I.D. tubing
B85: Barbs for 1/8" I.D. tubing
B86: Barbs for .170" I.D. tubing


Inline installation or 10-32 UNF female threads