Air Logic manufactures a variety of pneumatic accessories that are ideal for instrumentation, medical and industrial applications. The accessories include Preset Flow Controls, Filters, Orifice Restrictors, Needle Valves, and Check Valves.

  • The Preset Flow Control maintains a constant flow in one direction and full flow in the opposite direction.
  • The miniature Filters are designed to remove most contaminant particles from compressed air systems.
  • The Filtered Orifice Restrictor features a stainless steel filter screen that protects the orifice restrictor from most contaminant particles.
  • The Orifice Restrictors offer precise flow control and are precision molded of polysulfone. Models are available for inline and 10-32 threaded applications.
  • The fine threads of the Needle Valve permit excellent adjustment for precise control of flow. Both plastic and metal needle valves are available.
  • The Check Valves feature miniature size, low cracking pressure, and excellent repeatability.

Air Logic has a strong reputation for immediate service, quality, and dependability. For special applications and requirements, call Air Logic.

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