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Air Logic manufactures a comprehensive line of pneumatic and vacuum control equipment that is ideal for instrumentation, medical, and industrial applications.

The "Summary Catalog" provides an overview of the product line. More information can be obtained by viewing the individual component catalogs.

Product Lines

R-7000 Series - Modular Pressure Regulator

PR-7000 Series - Preset Modular Pressure Regulator

R-6000 and PR-6000 Series - Manifold Mounted Pressure Regulators

M-5000 Series - Modular Manifold

F-950, F-960, and F-970 Series - Inline Filters

F-950 Series - Filtered Orifice Restrictor

F-2822 Series - Needle Valve

R-6100 Relief Valve/Sequence Valve

Fluidic NOR Logic Elements

Manifold Card for Fluidic Applications

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